<%@LANGUAGE="VBSCRIPT"%> Sanrio Internet Order System Instructions


  1. Log-in
  2. Main Page
  3. Ordering Available items
  4. Order Confirmation
  5. Sending Your Orders
  6. Order Pre-booking items
  7. Reconnection to the system
  8. Contacts

1. Log - in


a.   Please visit www.sanriogmbh.com
b.   Insert your pass word into [ User – ID (customer number) ]
c.   And also insert your given password into [ Password ]
d.   Then please press [ Log – in ]



After that you will see the following sentence.

Your Password has expired, please insert a new password and corfirm.

e.   Please insert your new password with more than 6 digit (including number and alphabet) into [Password]
f.   To be sure your new password, please insert your new password again into [Password (again) ]
g.   Then please press



h.   Please insert your ID again into [User – ID (customer number) ]
i.   Please insert your NEW password into [Password]
j.   Then press


Please be careful not to forget your NEW password. The system will ask you to change the password every few months for security reason.


k.   Please check that your company or shop name is shown correctly in [ Customer ] .
l.   Insert your e-mail address in [ E – Mail ]
You’ll receive the order confirmation from Sanrio by e-mail later.
Unless you insert valid e-mail address, the system would not go to next step.
m.   Please read the basic trading condition between you and Sanrio. Then please tick [ I agree ]
Unless you agree with the trading condition, the system would not go to next step.
And also Sanrio will keep your agreement for future’s trading reference.

Terms of Sale

Please ensure the following trading conditions.

Welcome to Sanrio Internet Order System!
Now you’re logged – in correctly.

2. Main Page


On this system, the description of merchandise is indicated in several different colors.
Please read the instruction shown in above. Please make a note of the meaning of each color when you make an order.

"Green" "Products available (in stock now), we can delivery immediatly"

"Blue" "Products will be available on the indicated date"

"Black" "Prebooking products: If you reserve now, your order will be given priority"

"Red" "The products has already been added to the order list"

Since Sanrio characters or any design are copyrighted and reserved by Sanrio only. So Sanrio strictly prohibits you take any design or product images shown on this site in any reason. If Sanrio find that you’re using the design or product iamges on your commercial purpose without Sanrio’s approval, Sanrio will consider to stop dealing with you. Please respect our character copyright.
Sanrio products series are called KIT. And each KIT are listed on the left side. You can scroll the bar and choose your
favorite products in each KIT.
Are showing the future products. Sanrio will sale those Prebooking KIT items approximately on the indicated date. If you can guarantee your future’s purchase (prebooking) here, Sanrio will also guarantee your prebooking order and Sanrio will provide your order a first priority so that you won’t be suffering from lack of stock.
are showing available stock in Sanrio warehouse or on the way to be stocked. You can place an
order for those available stock for your instant stock. All products which are shown in Green can be delivered within few days after your ordering. The other products which are show in Blue can be delivered after the indicated stock date.
Please ensure that Sanrio will deliver your order on the latest stock date. If you place an order Green items and Blue items together, the delivery date will be after the indicated stock date
You can serch your necesary products by Sanrio item code, by category or price range. Please see the detailes in bellow [section 3 – m ]
After you ordering, you can check your order details here or combine some different availability orders. Please see the details in bellow [ section 4 – a ]

3. Ordering available items

  On the top of the page, by click the blue signal, you can select and place an order for any available items.
Please select your favorite KIT on the left side and click. To see all KIT, you can scroll down.
Then the above screen page shows all available items in this KIT. To see all products , you can scroll down.
In this system, all products can be ordered by UNIT, not by PIECES. Please make sure the quantity of UNIT before you input your order quantity.
Please choose your favorite item and tick
To increase your order UNIT quantity, press again. Or insert your necessary UNIT quantity in the box then your order quantity will be added.
The system shows your order UNIT quantity until your ordering will be finished.
For other ordering method, please tick the image of the product now and go next page.

h.   By clicking the product image, the system can enlarge the product images to help you to check product’s details.
i.   On this enlarged screen page, you can check the following information .
BIN Number = Sanrio catergory code
IIC number = Sanrio International Item Code
Pieces per Unit = Pack size of 1 Unit
NET PRICE = Shown price + VAT will be invoiced
Price per UNIT = Total cost of 1 UNIT purchase
Available Date = Indicating the availability of the product.
j.   To place an order here, tick or input your necessary UNIT quantity in the box.
k.   To see all products images of the KIT again, please tick, [SEE ALL PRODUCTS OF THIS AVAILABLE KITS]
l.   To see the previous products or the next products depending on Sanrio BIN number and Sanrio item code on this enlarged screen page, please tick [ PREVIOUS ] or [ NEXT ]

m.     Searching products
To search your necessary products, please press [ PRODUCTS’ SEARCH ]
The search engine will appear on the left side.
    1. Search by DESCRIPTION
Please search by any particular key-word for your searching item e.g. SHOULDER BAG or ERASER.
Then system will show you the products which includes the key-word. Please be aware it takes long time for searching if you insert an universal word e.g BAG or single Alphabet
    2. Search by IIC NUMBER
If you already know the item code of what you are going to order, please search the item code with the first 5 digits. Then system will show you the exact product you are seraching for.
If the item code is wrong or the product has been out of stock , the sytem may say
No matches found
    3. Search by PRICE GROUP
Please search by your target price range into FROM (transtation) TO (translation)
Then system will show the products in between the indicated price range.
    4. Search by CATEGORY
Please search by production category.

4. Order Confirmation

a.     After your ordering, please tick [ CHECK ORDER DATA ]
b.     Then above screen page appears. Please follow the next instructions.
** The below instruction are also mentioned on the bottom of the web page in English.
  1.   Please check your order and Quantity
  2.   If you need to change the order quantity, set the new quantity in the box and tick .
  3.   If you want to delete an item from your order data, please tick .
  4.   If your order is completed, please tick .
  5.   If you want to print the page, please tick


After your confirmation of the content of the order, above screen page will appear. Since Sanrio sets the minimum order amount per delivery, the system warns you if some of your order doesn’t seem to be acceptable. Please check the comment about your order per delivery in bellow.

Order can be confirmed
Your order can be accepted and Sanrio can arrange it accordingly.

Order's total amount doesn't reach the minimum
Unfortunately, total order amount by delivery must be too small. Sanrio cannot accept the order.
You’re required to add more items or delete items on the delivery date.

For further instructions, please follow the next instructions.
** The below instruction are also mentioned on the bottom of the web page in English.

    1. There are Sanrio’s delievery proposal by available date. Sanrio will arrange the delivery on about the indicated date.
If your total amount is less then minimum order amount, please click on ADD OTHER to add more products.
    3. If you click DELETE ORDER , the system will cancel all products listed in the same delivery group. Please be sure you want to cancel before your press DELETE ORDER.
    4. If you agree with the delivery proposal or if you would like to combine the different availability orders to have a late delivery, please tick
    5. If you still want to change order quantities or items, please tick
    6. If you want to print the page, please tick

After your confirmation of the orders, you can combine some different availability orders as long as the separation of the
Availability is within 30 Days. Sanrio can hold your orders until the latest orders will be available and can arrange the delivery together. Please follow the next instructions
If you don’t need to combine orders and you want to have several different deliveries, please select the single order in the box and tick
If you want to combine some different orders within 30day separation, please select those orders in the box and tick
If you don’t combine orders, the rest of the orders which were not selected won’t be sent to Sanrio at this moment.
But the system will hold the orders until your next access.



If you try to combine some different availability orders exceeding 30 days, the following message will appear.
You cannot combine those order lines due more then 30 days separation.

Please click and check the available date of each orders. Then please combine orders again.


If you cannot combine the orders for any other reason, probably your order amount is still too small
Please tick and add more items from same available date.


If your order combination is successfully completed, the following message appears

Order can be confirmed. Approximate Delivery date : xx /yy/2006

If you have any comment or request for the order, please write on the blank space.
Please ensure that your memo will be lost if you move to other pages or tick

k.     If everything seems to be ok, please tick

5. Send your orders


When you are sure about your orders, please tick and the following message will appear.

Are you sure that you are going to send your orders to Sanrio?
After that Sanrio cannot accept any change or cancellation request from you.

If you agree, please tick , if you are nor sure, please tick and check your orders again.

b.     The order has been sent to Sanrio. You will receive the confirmation of the receipt to your e-mail address.
To see your sent order, please tick [ Preview order xxxxxxxx ]
You can also contact to Sanrio with your order number xxxxxxxx

If you still have any outstanding orders in the system, the following message will remind you of the other orders which you did not combine or did not send due to being too small amount. .

Other items are still in your Order Data.
To see remaining orders, please check Order Data

Please click check Order Data and your outstanding orders. Then you can proceed those outstanding order in same way you already practiced here.

The system will hold these outstanding orders for 2 months. After 2 months, the system will delete the orders without any advance warning.

6. Ordering Pre-Booking items

On the top of the page, by click the red signal, you can select and reserve future products.
Please look at each Pre-book KIT and check the available date and our order cut date.
P If you can place an order for those Pre-booking orders until the indicated order cut date, Sanrio will gurantee the delivery. So you don’t need to be suffering from being lack of stock when the goods are available. Hower please make sure that Sanrio cannot accept any cancellation after you confirm your Pre-book orders.

Benefit of the making Pre-Book orders for customers.

  • Customer will be able to receive the goods without being lack of stock.
  • Sanrio will arrange the delivery automatically.
  • The pre-booking orders are given priority even in the busiest seasons.
  • Useful for customers’ annual sales & budget plan as the delivery is guaranteed.
  • Great help for Sanrio’s merchandise control and keeping certain stock for customers’ repeat orders.

Point to remember

  • Sanrio won’t accept the cancellation for the Pre-booking orders and will arrange the order when stock is available. Sanrio may not make advance announcement of the delivery.
  • Customers are required to keep the printing copy of the order confirmation for the Pre-booking orders.
  • Please make your Pre-booking orders are within your purchase budget allowance.
  • Sanrio is not owing any responsibility to have any free stock of those Pre-booking items. Sanrio may not order any extra free stock depending on the result of the Pre-booking.
  • The available date or the specification of the Pre-booking may change due to the production circumstance.

7. Reconnection to the system


The next time you reconnect to the system, it will show the below sentence if you have any outstanding orders in the system.

An Order List already exists from xx/05/2006.Those data will be kept until xx/07/2006.

It shows the date you made the order, and the date the system will delete the order from the server.

b.     If you want to keep it and continue the ordering, please click
Continue with existing order data.

Then you can work with the outstanding orders.

If you don’t need the outstanding orders and you want to make new orders, please click

Delete existing order data and restart.

Then all outstanding order date will be deleted.

8. Contacts

Please contact to the following Sanrio business partners for any inquiries and technical problem for the usage of Sanrio internet system.


( U.K., Ireland )

unit 38, john wilson Business Park
Kent CT5 3QT
Tel 44-1227-77-2591
fax 44-1227-77-2022
Contact Karen Munt

( France )

by Atlante Consultant
44. rue Domale
75015 Paris
Tel 33-1-5656-6242
Fax 33-1-5656-0610

(Belgium / Nederlands / Luxembourg)

by Film Freak Publishing B.V.
Lorentzstraat 61
2665 JG Bleiswijk
Tel 31-10-529-81 77
Fax 31-10-529 81 57

(Germany / Austria / Denmark / Hungary / Other countries)

Zwischen den Toren 9
21465 Wentorf bei Hamburg
Tel 49-40-5477-960
Fax 49-40-5406-347